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Telluride Distilling Vodka 200ml
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Telluride Distilling Vodka


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In gold-rush days, we had men to match our mountains. These days, we want to drink a vodka that matches our mountains. That's why we created Telluride Vodka. Smooth as ice. Clear as the mountain air. A vodka to complement the great events of Telluride: the mountain sports, the music, film, and food and wine festivals. The silky smooth taste and chest-warming character of Telluride Vodka is the satisfying result of our state-of-the-art distilling process. We use water from the high mountain streams and lakes above Telluride. The final distillation of our corn vodka is done in glass tubes which, unlike metal, doesn't taint the taste of the vodka. Pure as new snow. Smooth as a mountain stream. And we wanted a bottle to match our vodka. We made a piece of art. Smooth-shouldered and elegant. Black and gold. 22-carat gold, in fact. To match our mountains.

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